Nicki Minaj Zara Security Guard

Nicki Minaj has gifted this Zara security guard Michael, enough clout and bragging right to last him a lifetime after he intentionally turned a blind eye to a Nicki fan allowing her to perform “Whole Lotta Money” … on which Minaj features and so far, he says he is having the time of his life and doesn’t care if he gets into trouble for it.

Michael went viral on social media after letting a Barb Zha Chanel perform an impromptu concert in a Zara, Nicki Minaj took notice of the video and rewarded him with some rare gifts. Tmz got in contact with Michael for the whole gist.

Nicki reportedly got in contact with Michael with some serious help from the store’s manager and Zha Chanel, after Nicki verified he was actually the one in the video she told Michael she was going to like one of his Instagram pics to get the likes rolling in.

She also tagged Micheal in an IG story with the caption, “Found the security guard” with an emoji of a bow tie. Michael says ever since his phone has been blowing up and his followers have skyrocketed.

Nicki Minaj Zara guard

Micheal added that Nicki’s supposed to send her another gift but he is not sure what that is yet.