young buck impeachment

David Darnell Brown, best known by his stage name Young Buck is here with a new mixtape titled – The Impeachment today (22nd November, 2019) and it has some interesting song titles.

The Nashville, Tennessee born has being on the low for some time now, only making headlines when he shows up to defend himself in his ongoing beef with rapper 50 Cent which seems to be heightening by the day.

Though many will balk at the decision to skip streaming services, Buck’s adherence to the old way is a testament to his grind.

You can listen to the impeachment mixtape by following the link in his IG bio below or download it here as the former G-Unit rapper has placed the mixtape on free download not caring about whether he will profit or make a lost.

The Impeachment Track List

  1. The Preceeding
  2. High Way
  3. State Of Emergency
  4. Democratic Party
  5. US Treasury
  6. First Lady
  7. The Debate
  8. Gangsta Walk
  9. Republican Party
  10. Tear Drop
  11. Secret Service
  12. We The People
  13. Department Of Education
  14. M.I.A
  15. Lose Me