YNW Melly

After testing positive for coronavirus while behind bars, YNW Melly’s lawyer Bradford Cohen on Monday April 6 announced that he filled another motion to get Melly out of jail pushing for an emergency medical release. Cohen also pleaded for the judge to let Melly come home in other to be better cared for.

“Just an update we are waiting to hear from the judge regarding the release of Mr Demons to receive medical care and treatment,” Cohen wrote on Instagram. “Supplemental motion was filed today detailing the jail having Mr. Demons share a cell with another COVID19 positive inmate. This is not recommended by any medical physician.”

“The jails and prisons are not prepared to handle this crisis,” Cohen asserted. “Rules on alcohol based hand sanitizer and wipes must be lifted at a bare min. Inmates are passing trays, jail phones and shared items that are not sanitized when passed between inmates.”

The families of the alleged victims Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams and Christopher “YNW Juvy” Thomas Jr. have aired out their disapproval of the motion. The court document obtained by Tmz says.

“A civil suit will soon be filed against a host of Defendants, including Mr. Demons (a.k.a. Melly),” the statement reads. “However, we are choosing to be the first firm to elect to pursue all of the victim’s rights under Marsy’s Law, an Amendment to the Florida Constitution voted in by voters in 2018. We know of no other firm in Florida which as sought to use Marsy’s law to its fullest benefit and are proud Christopher Thomas’s family will be the first. We will seek to attend and be heard at depositions, advocate for victims at each step and make sure justice is fair, firm and full.”

Incarcerated singer R.Kelly was recently denied an appeal to be released from prison due to the coronavirus fears, the judge believes he might attempt to influence the outcome of his trial if released.

“The defendant is currently in custody because of the risks that he will flee or attempt to obstruct, threaten or intimidate prospective witnesses,” U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly of Brooklyn wrote in her denial. “The defendant has not explained how those risks have changed.”

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