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All YG wants is some peace and quiet on new song “Do Not Disturb“, he links up with Kamaiyah & G-Eazy to help him pass the message around to his haters.

He is clearing having moment right now, although the moment is not rally complete, after the death of rapper Nipsey Hussle who was just gunned down some weeks back in front of his boutique. An incident which really affected YG, up to the point that it made him push back his projects release a couple of weeks out of respect for the late rapper who according to him, was like a brother to him.

But after keeping fans waiting for a while, which was totally understandable, YG came through with an epic display of talent and style on his “4REAL 4REAL” album, and as expected it got massive attention and is still whats hot, as we speak.

While on tour with a bid to promote his latest project, the rapper also teased a special project with Nayborhood Nip. It’s unclear if it’ll be a full-length album, but our guess would be a possible EP. He also called out people who were showing fake love to the rapper after only his demise to gain attention.

Listen to the track below and let us know what you think.

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