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Stream YG Go Loko feat Tyga & Jon Z

Stream YG “Go Loko” feat. Tyga & Jon Z

3rd May 2019: YG links up with Tyga and Puerto Rican artist Jon Z for his latest single, titled “Go Loko” and just as it sounds, it’s all about loosing yourself on the new vibe.

YG was supposed to deliver his 4REAL 4REAL album weeks back but later changed his mind due to the Nipsey Hussle’s incident that took place, although an official release date is yet to be communicated to the public, the rapper went ahead to deliver a single “Stop Snitchin” from the forthcoming project.

The song pays homage to Mexican-American Angeleno culture with low riders, piñatas, and Mariachi bands, the video shows the rapper chilling at a backyard wedding with a “bad little hyna” and fronts as a Mariachi member. Tyga joins the festivities, dressed as a vaquero while walking his horse down the street. Puerto Rican rapper Jon Z also pops up at a body shop to deliver his Spanish verse.

Listen to the song below and let us know what you think about the new vibe by leaving a comment for us, telling us what you think about the song and the forthcoming album.

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