YG Drops Video For His New Track ‘Stop Snitchin’

YG Stop Snitchin Video
YG “Stop Snitchin” Video

Watch YG “Stop Snitchin” Video

Wednessday 24 April, 2019: YG is here with a new video for his first single off his forthcoming album “4REAL 4REAL” and its titled “Stop Snitchin”, just 24 hours after releasing the single.

The Compton rapper plays a runaway slave in the explosive clip, which opens with the words “F**k slavery.” He and his family organize a revolt to escape the plantation and tie up the slave owners. But the plan falls through when one of their fellow slaves decides to snitch on his friends, revealing their whereabouts, which results in them getting caught and lynched.

“Bitch ni**a, snitch ni**a, ho ni**a, bitch ni**a,” raps YG while hanging from a tree with a noose around his neck.

In a surprise twist, the “snitch” is tied up to a tree before the slave owner takes off his mask and reveals himself to be black.

watch the video below and tell us what you think about the whole concept, i think its crazy and amazing at thesame time.

Watch YG “Stop Snitchin” Video Below:

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