YG Announces Project with Nipsey Hussle
YG Announces Forthcoming Project with Nipsey Hussle

YG Has An Unreleased Project With Late Nipsey Hussle

Rapper YG says he will soon be dropping a special project with the late Nipsey Hussle. He just recently delivered his highly anticipated “4REAL 4REAL” project a couple of weeks back, and of course, the album got a standing ovation from millions of fans around the world.

There is no doubt that YG has lots of love for late rapper Nipsey Hussle, he even pushed back his project release a couple of weeks after the Nipsey incident, and have since dedicated the project to the late rapper was violently gunned down on March 31.

“When the shit happened with the homie, I’m like, ‘Damn. I can’t put my album out. I can’t be promoting this shit,’” YG told Big Boy on REAL 92.3.

“I got a big question mark on life. I don’t understand how somebody like that, that really cared about people that he didn’t have to care about, make it out of some shit where ni**as don’t really make it out of, get nominated for the Grammy, all that […] I just felt like, how do God take somebody like that away from the people? I just don’t get it. I’m not accepting it.”

YG also announced that a portion of every song on the album will be donated to King Nip’s children which he has being supporting emotionally since the incidence.

While on promo run, the Bompton rep spoke about the project, as well as teasing a special project with Nayborhood Nip. It’s unclear if it’ll be a full-length album, but our guess would be a possible EP. He also called out people who were showing fake love to the rapper after only his demise to gain attention.

Watch the full announcement and let us know what you think.