Yelawolf Drops New Album ‘Mud Mouth’: Listen

Yelawolf Mud Mouth

Yelawolf back in March announced that he will be releasing four new albums, one per week. Today we welcome his sixth studio album ‘Mud Mouth.’ Listen below.

Aside from the 14 track album, yelawolf has also announced that he will be releasing a MUDMOUTH movie this summer.

“Mud Mouth … what really can I say about this record that it doesn’t say for itself.” He said about the album.” “Jim Jonsin produced the f**k out of this album. Peter Keys and Mike Hartnett provided the melody bed, and we all four just lost it in the studio.”

“I guess we all decided together that we for sure didn’t want to make a single song that was for any other purpose than to create a flow for the album itself,” he continued. “I knew this was going to be my last hip-hop album for a long while, so I tipped my hat throughout the project to my story.”

“I speak about my first days of recognition in the game from my earliest logos to my first cover, my lost loved ones, to what created the bad mouth rapper I became, to my life and death spiritually , my drug influenced life, my LSD trips and the voyage of discovering myself.”

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