Will Joseph Cook Album Something To Feel Good About
Will Joseph Cook

With all the chaos going on in the world today, especially with the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, Will Joseph Cook has given us ‘Something To Feel Good About’ as he surprisingly releases the part one his new album.

That’s not the only good news as he will be going live on The Bad Hotel YouTube at 8pm BST!, to play songs from the new album. You can stream the live show here.

“My band and I linked up to record a live show performance of part one,” he explains. “We shot it at a friend’s victorian rental house that has this weird forgotten room. It felt like the perfect setting for the Bad Hotel to host a show. It sucks to not be able to tour this record just yet, but a cool silver lining is that by live streaming the first ever performance fans from all over the world can experience that together.”

We are not yet sure when the second part of the project will be arriving but it should be before the year runs out. Here is what Will says about second part.

“The second half of the album is far more reflective, with sobering songs about some of the most difficult moments I experienced over the last couple of years. Overall it’s a very hopeful album, with moments of light and darkness in all of the songs, but the duality of the tracklisting made sharing side A and side B separately feel really exciting and unique.

Listen to the part one below.

‘Something To Feel Good About’ Tracklist:
1. Be Around Me
2. Something To Feel Good About
4. She Likes Me
5. Wayside
6. Driverless Cars

8. 21
9. Only If You
10. Boundary Street
11. Where Is My Heart?
12. Last Year