Wild Breed

Wild Breed, real name Ajay Barman might just be a B.com student in Tangla but his music has found it’s way across the shores of India, setting the pace for a young star to takeover the big stage.

After falling in love with music at just 15, Wild Breed has been patiently waiting for his time to shine while pushing himself to the limit to ensure that he is mentally prepared for what’s to come.

What age and year did you decide that you wanted to do music?.

I was like 15 when I started to listen to 90’s rap songs mostly west cost raps of Tupac, Nas, Temptation, etc.. So from there I started to rap their lyrics and all.

And slowly I started to write my own lyrics and rapping on the beats from youtube.

When it comes to music, who do you look up to and aspire to be like?.

Obviously, like i mostly listen to rap music.. So for me it’ll be Indian Rapper named Ikka because I’m a big fan of his lyrics skills.. It’s like giving goosebumps with his wordplay.

When did you release your first song?.

It was last year I uploaded my first song named ‘WISH’.

The track now has over 1.5k views on YouTube alone and you can listen to it below.

Who are the top 5 artist you wish to work with?

There are many big artist with whom I wanna work.. If it comes to wish then they’ll be..’Ikka’ ‘The Khasi Bloodz’ ‘Divine’ ‘Raga’ and ‘Epr’.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Literally, I don’t want to be much famous just I want people to know me as a unique rapper.. As I want to talk with that inner thing like my lyrics should touch their heart.. Like boom💥.

Listen to some of his new tracks below and see why Wild Breed is truly India’s next star.

Stay connected on YouTube via ‘THE WILDBREED OFFICIAL’.