Wet New Album Letter Blue New Song Larabar

Wet have announced the arrival of their third full-length project titled ‘Letter Blue,’ the album is due for release on October 22 via AWAL. The group has released a new song ‘Larabar,’ check out the video below.

The new song follows their previous release ‘On Your Side’ which they shared back in June. The album will also feature 10 tracks, the tracklist shows only Blood Orange is featured on the album. Vocalist Zutrau, said in a press release about the new song.

“Step into the light for the very first time. ‘Larabar’ was a little breakthrough in the album process, the first song that came together that everything else formed around. It’s about a relationship cycle that becomes a loop – Eventually a feedback loop – Obsessively repeating, breaking up, getting back together, breaking up again. How memory distorts reality, solitude vs. company, accountability, guiltiness, loving someone who left and what to do when they come back and on and on, etc..”

Letter Blue Tracklist: 

1. Over and Over
2. On Your Side
3. Clementine
4. Far Cry
5. Blades of Grass
6. Bound [feat. Blood Orange] 7. Only One
8. Letter Blue
9. Only Water
10. Larabar