Young M.A Sober Thoughts Music Video

Young M.A has gifted us with the music video for her hit single titled ‘Sober Thoughts’, off her recently released studio album “Herstory in The Making.”

Just recently, Eminem released a surprise album titled ‘Music To Be Murdered By,’ and one of the tracks that stood out was clearly Young M.A’s featured song “Unaccommodating.” The second track on the album.

“Disciplinin’ my habits, went distant on my attachments / I had to turn my presence to absence / Stuck in a cage, questionin’ the hours and days / Depressional phase, my tunnel vision startin’ to fade / I started to marry my thoughts, already engaged / Not knowing my next move had me going insane / Depending on alcohol to get me over the pain.” She raps on Sober Thoughts, the song which has grown in streams on major streaming platforms since it’s release.

Watch the music video for Sober Thoughts and let us know what comes to mind.