Tory Lanez Broke in a Minute Video

Tory Lanez came back to life with the release of “Broke in a Minute” last week. Today he returns with the official music video for the hit song.

Last year, Tory Lanez started a trend where he will release a song then promise to unlock or release the next track as soon as the previous one gets a particular number of streams/views. Earlier these week, Tory announced ‘Broke In A Minute’ with a promise to release it after it hit 1,000,000 views and 5,000 likes on his Instagram.

“I like it, I spend it, I just came right out the jeweler/The ice on my neck, and my wrist, and my fist, I ain’t finished,” he raps. “I was just workin’ at Denny’s, came back and counted some millions/I ain’t no regular civilian/Red, yellow, green, look like my neck a chameleon.”

Watch “Broke in a Minute” video below and let us know what comes to mind.