Vin Diesel Bloodshot second trailer

Sony and Columbia Pictures are back with the second trailer of their highly anticipated Vin Diesel-led adaptation of Valiant Comics‘ Bloodshot, scheduled to be in theaters March 13, 2020.

The first trailer showed Ray Garrison (Van Diesel) been operated on by a team of doctors as they tried to bring him back to life, “You’ve been improved and advanced – welcome to the circus,” he is told. “The technology in your veins will make you faster, stronger and heal you instantly.”

The technology in Garrison’s veins did make him faster, stronger and heal instantly as promised by Dr. Harting, the evil villain who has a bunch of super humans, now with Garrison (Van Diesel) as an addition, mind controlled and manipulated to do whatever he is been tasked doing his evil bids.

What the evil Dr. Harting did not count on was that Ray Garrison (Van Diesel) will regain his memory but he somehow does and remembers his wife being murdered and slowly begins to see the doctor’s manipulation for what it is.

“You’ve made me, but you can’t control me forever,” he warns his creator, as bloody mayhem ensures. The trailer also teased that Harting may be implanting false memories into Garrison’s brain.

Watch the full trailer below.