Watch Kyngjo, Pell The Don & Goggleboy 'Who That' Music Video

KyngJo is not only about his melodies but he’s about his business and making his family proud. Growing up his ambition was to become a professional basketball player and he even played for his College. His African parents insisted that he received formal education so he successfully graduated from Albany University and works as a Childcare specialist.

When he’s not working in Albany he’s networking in Atlanta or in the studio making music. As an independent artist, he is funding his dreams and making the sacrifice to reach his goals. He would freestyle for his friends and know from a young age he wanted to be a musician. As he continued to build his confidence it was a trip to Miami during Spring break that made him take music seriously.

Kyng JO music continues to gain momentum is being played at parties, clubs, and fashion shows. His family is a great source of support for his dream and his mother’s request is that he stops cursing in his song, something he is yet to do. He plans to drop his first EP when he reaches 100k streams on YouTube and Apple Music since he has super passed that on SoundCloud.

His favorite quote is from one of his songs, “They didn’t want me but now they all over me” His latest single “Who That” featuring Pell the Don & Goggleboy is a fun and dope video that is available on his YouTube page – Kyngjo