asap rocky asap rocky perform in swedenrelease from prison

Nobody imagined that American rapper A$AP Rocky will be returning to Sweden so soon after his arrest back on July 4th for allegedly assaulting a man.

The rapper last night performed in a giant cage to shed light on the plight of Sweden’s immigrant community, inmates and poverty-stricken population for free.

“I’m in Stockholm right now. I’m throwing my concert, my first concert after being locked up out here,” he said. “Everybody from the ‘immigrant community,’ what they call the ‘immigrant community’ out here, none of y’all got to pay to come to my show today. All y’all get in for free. Whoever come, whoever from the hood, they get in free.”

“I brought you here today for love and unity. That’s why I brought you here,” he told the crowd. “Today, there’s people who were fortunate enough to buy tickets today, and to you people, I thank you for coming. … Today there was people who couldn’t afford it, and they still made it here, and I love you people … The whole message today: Spread love and have fuckin’ fun.”

Watch the video of the Asap performing in Sweden and let us know what comes to mind.