Wale brings out his inner poet on new song.

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Wale shows appreciation for all the beautiful “Gemini” women, he has being posting pictures of lots of them including Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks, Angelina Jolie and more.

Wale himself is not a Gemini but looks like he’s had some interesting experiences with two faced women which made him to think outside the box on these song.

Just like all of his other songs, the message has never being any clearer, he always finds a way to bring out the poet in him. Gemini is the second song from his forthcoming sixth LP following his “Daylight” song that was released last week, prior to that he had earlier linked up with lightshow for “Yourside, My side“.

The rapper goes into detail about a particular woman who is having trouble reading, in which he feels she might be hiding her love for him. He mentions

“A Gemini is the only sign with double sides,” “tried to figure you out, but you kind of tricky” and “Poised getting coins but you’re always on the fence with me.” Produced by DJ Sued

That has inspired his new song ‘Gemini’ which comes along with a lyric video. This is the second song this month from the D.C. emcee.

Listen Below: