Wale Flawed

Wale has been delivering some powerful verses on his recent collaborations, today he joins forces with Gunna on a new song titled ‘Flawed’ which marks his return to releasing new music.

“I’m trying to work with like, you know, just get back into like in the collective approach. Like when I first got with Mark, like I was like working with everybody, Lily Island to Dave Sitek and TV on the Radio, K’naan, whatever I want. I’m kind of going back into that, like me and DJ money, but working on so much stuff. Just not being in a box of just only hip hop. Whether it’s popular or not,” he said. “I just know my inner artist is just like, “Bro, like you can’t just be just doing just hip hop.” You know what I mean? So I’m experimenting a little bit.” He told Apple’s Zane Lowe.

As for Gunna, he has also being putting in a lot of work, back in May he released his highly anticipated album ‘Wunna’ which was well received by fans, once again cementing his place on the hiphop rankings. He followed-up shortly with the deluxe in July featuring 8 new tracks and since then, he has been blessing fans with nonstop verses while await details of his next offering.

Listen to Flawed below.