Victoria Monét Coastin

Victoria Monét has given fans something to enjoy for the rest of summer, the singer has shared a new song titled ‘Coastin’, the follow-up to her recent single “F.U.C.K.,” which made landfall back in February and was the first release to follow the critically heralded JAGUAR project.

“If sunshine and a good time (and maybe a lil drank) were a song, it would be ‘Coastin,’’ says Monét about the new single via press release. “It’s made for people with that good, chill energy and the bassline instantly puts you in a certain feel! Shoutout to the Stereotypes for killing this production. We wanted this song to represent that freedom to finally go outside. After the year we’ve had, it feels even better to be able to finally Coast freely, make unforgettable memories and have a good ass time.”

Monét has been busy behind the scenes, writing for some of the top artists such as Chloe X Halle and Selena Gomez to mention just a few, we hope she makes out time to put out a full LP soon. Listen to ‘Coastin’ below.