Vanessa Gimenez Make It Rain

Swimming Girls, Vanessa Gimenez has taken a solo path in an effort to make her dreams come true. Her first solo yet-untitled project is set to arrive later this year. Today she releases her first track as a lone wolf titled ‘Make It Rain’ and you can listen to it below.

It’s been a long two years since the electro-pop outfit Swimming Girls disbanded after putting on quite an impressive show but as they say, all good things must come to an end but it doesn’t necessarily means it has to be the end of the road for everyone and so, Vanessa Gimenez has taken on a new path to secure her future in the music industry.

“‘Make It Rain’ was the first song written for this project,” she explains. “To me it’s about retaining that childlike sensibility that is full of hope and dreams. A mindset that a lot of people lose once they grow older.”

Listen below.