UPSTRZ money talk

It has become clear now more than ever that we have been sleeping on UPSTRZ, especially after the arrival of his new song ‘Money Talk.’ The multi-talented Singer-songwriter and producer has been putting in the required work to propel him into stardom and it seems it’s finally paying off.

The 22 years old’s music consists of a feel of R & B and Hip- Hop meshing to intertwine hip hop beats with soulful vocals. UPSTRZ lyrics are always captivating with catchy rhythmic hooks with heavy beat production.

His new song is clearly motivated by black hip-hop culture. In the culture of Hip-Hop, the embellishing of a lavish lifestyle and showing off your assets, aka money, is a major culture add on that incites most viewers. Money Talk has inspired him to live by financial freedom, ownership, and to standby cultural influence. The new R&B/Hip-Hop twang has an uplifting and enriching distinct sound.

“I’m a big movie fan; pretty much I know all of the vintage, classic black movies you could think of, but money talk instantly popped in my head. because I was watching The Boondocks”. He added.

Listen to the Tariq Beats & MusikMajor collectively produced song below.