Dime new songs

Dyamus R. Fuller, also known as Dime, was born April 28th 1996. Dime’s birth place is Lexington NC. As a child, music was his passion. He loved to play the keyboard during church service.

He was gifted a keyboard by his mother, Carla Fuller. Dime has been actively experimenting with the different classifications of music from then on. He focused more on Hip Hop and R & B. Dime claims, ” I always wanted to write music.

I loved 2 Chainz flow. My favorite artist is Curtis Jackson, we have a very similar life background”. Dyamus was raised by his grandmother, Julia Holmes, who recently passed November 27th 2019, the day before his eldest daughter’s birthday. This gave him the motivation to finish what he started and make his grandmother proud.

Dime’s life was never the easiest and he fought to find himself through all of the turmoil. He put pen to paper and began to express his innermost thoughts on the mic. He uses his music as an avenue to express his feelings toward his past and his hopes for the future.

Dime writes in a way that most hip hop and R&B fanatics will relate. Dime is one of the most tailored and conscientious writers of the 21st century.

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Take a listen to some of his new release below.