Tyla Yaweh All The Smoke Gunna Wiz Khalifa

Tyla Yaweh linked with Gunna and Wiz Khalifa for his new song titled All The Smoke. The Dre London signed artist have been putting in a lot of work to keep up to expectations and so far, he has not fallen short.

The song is taken off his forthcoming studio album ‘RAGER BØY,’ expected to arrive some time next year. Expect some major A-list artist to be featured on the album.

“Yeah, in a Porsche, yeah, ‘ventador, yeah She might wanna ride but it better be a foreign, yeah Make it roar, yeah, yeah / Said her ex was a joker, no locked doors Takin’ what you want from me / Tell her “Bitch, throw it back like it’s all yours” Lock it up and throw the key Beat it up like a Nascar, auto sport. Tyla raps on the first verse.

“Speedin’ in a Porsche Livin’ life fast and goin’ all around the course In the competition, got the ball in my court / Scream “Fuck the opposition” every time that we score I’m the one and only with the rawest rapport / I ain’t bust the corner, it’s like a bar from the store.” Gunna Raps on the second.

“Okay / Pimpin’, dodgin’ in and out in a new Ferrari I don’t want her, she be fuckin’ anybody / If I’m in then I’ma drop the top on that / Yeah, she got a fatty, but her top is whack / I might hit her bestfriend, I’m somethin’ like a legend / I’m smokin’ on the kush, you could tell by how it’s smellin’ / Say she got a curfew, gotta be home by eleven/ If I roll up all this weed up, better make sure you inhale it.”

Listen below.