Tyga Quarter Milli, 21 Savage Diss

Stream Tyga “Quarter Milli”, 21 Savage Diss

Am not sure if anybody saw these coming but a new 21 Savage diss track by Tyga titled “Quarter Milli”, just appeared online and it is totally crazy.

I know a lot of you are wondering what’s going on so lets take you guys back to the genesis where it all began. According to Hiphop-n-more, Back in 2016, Tyga and 21 Savage went back and forth on social media after 21 expressed his desire to sleep with Kylie Jenner. At that time, the social media celebrity was still going around with Tyga. In the middle of all of that, Kylie had also previewed on social media a diss song her then boyfriend had made aimed at 21 Savage but it never came out to the public.

After more social media drama, the beef eventually died on its own, most probably as a result of Kylie moving on from Tyga. just for us to wake up to see an unreleased track by tyga in which he’s taking shots at Savage.

““Why you got one car in a 12-car garage/Sucking d*ck for a Ferrari, don’t forget to lick the balls,” raps Tyga over 21’s ‘No Heart‘ instrumental in reference to the 21’s claim that Drake had bought him a Ferrari for his birthday.

We don’t really know why Tyga waited for these long, for more than two years before releasing the track, cant help but wonder if these was done by mistake or not, well i guess we just have to wait and see as the story behind it will definitely unfold before long. Listen to the track below and let us know what you think.

Stream Below: