tyga goddamn video
Tyga shares new video for “Goddamn”

Tyga shares new video for “Goddamn”

Whether Soulja Boy believes it or not, Tyga is honestly the comeback artist of the year 2018, and he is here to further prove that with his “Goddamn” Video.

He’s back today with a Country-themed music video for the banger today which you can watch below. With Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Rad’ being a rage worldwide, Tyga probably felt this treatment was fit for the times. Directed by Tyga & Arrad.

I think what Tyga has been able to do for himself in the past few months is totally amazing, at a time when people thought he was through he came back with a hit and has being doing that satisfactory ever since.

Watch the brand new video for “Goddamn” below and let us know, if you think that he is truly the comeback artist of the year or not.

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