walmart fight video n tryon charlotte

The new PS5 is every serious gamers must have, the new console has been in the news ever since it’s release and it looks like many are more than willing to fight, just to get their hands on it as seen in a Walmart store in North Carolina, US.

The argument between two unknown women which quickly got physical took place in a billing line while another customer waiting in line recorded the whole scene and uploaded it to social media.

In the video, a woman with braids is scene shouting another woman in a hoodie, the woman with braided long hair is scene removing items from her body as if getting ready for a fight, other customers try to intervene but failed as the women continue to rain curses on each other.

After some time both women get physical as the woman in a hoodie wrestled the other woman with braids to the ground and continues punching her. Another customer intervenes and lifts the woman in a hoodie but she once again returns and delivers some heavy kicks until the woman with braided hair appeared unconscious for a second.

Both woman left the store before law enforcement arrived.