trey songz Fight

Trey Songz has been arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest — both misdemeanors — and for assaulting a police officer on Sunday, after the 36-year old singer and rapper got into a serious fight with a white cop on Sunday at the AFC Championship Game in Kansa City, Missouri.

The events leading up to the altercation are still unknown, though TMZ gathered that Trey was being heckled by some fans a few rows behind him and he asked them to chill out. We’re told the officer approached Trey, and without warning, went after him. The witness says Trey was totally caught off guard when the officer got physical and started to defend himself.

Trey chiefs game fight

Footage shows the officer try to tackle Trey unsuccessfully, the ‘I can’t help but wait’ singer in return manages to connect a punch with the officer’s head and gets him in a headlock, but then the officer pins Trey to a seat. The two struggled for some time until more cops arrived at the scene.

Witnesses at the scene say the officer was at fault, some even calling for him to be arrested.