tory lanez melee

Tory Lanez Rewards Fans Once More With New Song Melee

The most consistent artist in the last few weeks has being Tory Lanez, he has being releasing new music weekly today he shares ‘Melee’, his latest project.

Just four days ago he delivered his groundbreaking “Pop Out” freestyle at the same time announced that his fans will now dictate how he releases new music, the number of comments and likes on each song would determine how soon the next one will be released and fans have not failed to play their own part as they have constantly being liking and commenting on the artist releases to ensure that more music comes their way.

Prior to these release, he had earlier shared ‘What Happened To The Kids‘, ‘Broke Leg‘ with Tyga and Quavo and ‘Pop Out’ mentioned above.

“My wrist on Melee (Melee), My bitch on bebe (bae day), Shit double like the AK (Brrt, brrt), Imma take it on vacay, (Vacay), Find it up in the spot (Spot), Give a fuck nigga melee (Ah), We get money a lot, Couple of the niggas hate it (Nah), Yeah, the fuck niggas say that (Say that), Yeah, the fuck niggas say that (Say that), You don’t want us to get it, don’t want us to win it, well, fuck nigga, say that (Say that).” He sings on the chorus of the new track.

Listen below and let us know what comes to mind by leaving a comment.

Stream Below.