Tory Lanez What Happened To The Kids
Tory Lanez What Happened To The Kids

Tory Lanez switch lanes on new song “What Happened To The Kids”

What Happened To The Kids” by Tory Lanez is totally unexpected and different from anything the single and song writer has ever done before, a lot of people are still surprise and speechless about it.

These shows that Tory Lanez has come a long way as an artist and also as a human being and is now more concerned about the important things in life, those who listen to his music know that he isn’t just about making party music or love songs for girls. When it comes to rap, he’s always been underrated.

“I’ve always been quiet, now I’m going to talk ,If you have a mouth, learn to use ,I know my value, and the, quotation is dollar. Because life is crazy, bro, life is crazy
,I got lost on the way , But I do not stop, no. I’ve cried seas and rivers ,But I do not drown, do not ,I always do my thing ,It’s crude, but it’s fond” he sings passionately on the new vibe.

He also drops a music video for the song which sheds lights on social media beefs, black on black crime, tensions and violence against innocent bystanders. When the outcome of violence results in an innocent child being shot and killed, the video rewinds presenting an alternative ending, influeced by an OG, and showing what the outcome is of a much wiser decision made.

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