tinashe Stormy Weather video

Tinashe delivers a high energy dance choreographic music video for “Stormy Weather,” off her recently released first independent album ‘Songs For You’.

Songs For You‘ which was released November 21, 2019 after the singer,songwriter and her record label went separate ways. A Move which her manager Mike Nazzaro claims was self initiated.

“[…] she wasn’t dropped,” Tinashe’s manager, Mike Nazzaro, told Rolling Stone about the RCA split. “We initiated for her to be released. It was a positive split for her. It’s giving her back creative control … took a little while to figure out.”

Tinashe can now clearly be heard and seen taking back creative control and exercising her artistic freedom on each track on ‘Songs For You’ as she claimed it was the major reason for her split with label.

“Do you ever feel like nobody knows who the f*ck you are?” she said in the clip. “All the time I feel so authentic with my life and somehow people still don’t understand me. They don’t understand what I’m about. They don’t understand how I move…They say, ‘Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?’ Which is f*cking weird to me because I know exactly who I am.”

Watch the music video for Stormy Weather below and let us know what comes to mind.