The Kid LAROI Juice WRLD Reminds Me of You

Fresh off serving fans with the deluxe edition of his debut studio album titled ‘F*ck Love.’ The Kid LAROI has returned with a brand new song Reminds Me of You featuring Juice WRLD. The song is a twist of Kim Petras ‘Remind Me’ track with a never before heard verse of Juice.

“I got to say hi. It’s so good and I was such a big fan,” she said, adding that she “always hoped there would be some kind of way that his verse could come out.” Kim wrote on social media after news of the single came out, she also took time to reveal how her collaboration with Juice came to be.

“‘Reminds Me Of You’ tonight with my brother @JuiceWorlddd,” he wrote online. “Big thank you to @kimpetras for allowing us to remake & share our version of her song with the world.” Juice Wrld’s former mentee The Kid LAROI teased the song on social media ahead of it’s release.

“Gotta step out, get some fresh air Posted in the club, saw you pull up with your rebound / Remind me again, uh, who kicked who out whose house? / Remind me again, uh, who’s fuckin’ on who now? (Oh) / Fightin’ for my heart and baby, I never lose No, I can’t get high, ’cause it reminds me of you / If you ever needed me, girl, I was flyin’ to you / Told you that I loved you, girl, I wasn’t lyin’ to you. Jice Wrld impacts on the second verse.

Listen below.