Up and coming independent artist Krishi, is releasing his first expansion, ‘Through The Fire and

Flames’. After his recent single release of “Dark Love” suppressing 1M streams on all streaming

platforms, we know that this project is going to definitely MAKE the end of 2021!

Krishi, born and raised in California, began writing music for a friend a couple of years ago. It

quickly became clear that Krishi had a rare talent – he was hooked. “Once I started, I couldn’t

stop. I write about how life is going, how it’s been, how I want it to end. Whatever goes through

my head ends up on paper.” Krishi’s Hip-Hop and R&B sound style is mainly driven to help

people and move them with his art. He quotes, “I want people to listen and know they can take

hard times and turn them into something good. You can walk away with a win if you fight for it.

You’ll get it in the end.” He aimed to encourage all of us to follow our dreams and turn the dark

into the light.

‘Through the Fire and Flames’ should definitely be an EP of inspiration. It’s no surprise – the

contrast of slow, chilled tunes and fast-paced rap is catchy and addictive. Through his lyrics,

the 18-year-old muses the perils of love, success, and luxury.


“Music has always had a strong emotional connection with me. Music, in my opinion, brings out

the genuine feelings of speech.”

Check out Through The Fire and Flames, the project is now out on all streaming platforms!


IG: Krishi.otw

YouTube Channel: Krishi

TikTok: Krishi.otw

Snapchat: Krishi123