We have seen several artist over time who go unnoticed throughout their entire musical careers, not because they are not good enough or can’t go head to head with those considered to be in the big leagues.

T.I. can be considered as one of those underrated artist and he did not shy from showing his anger towards the topic. During a talk with Big Boy, he clearly showed how offended he was by the online debate that has been going on for as long as we can remember.

“All the names that people be saying… I don’t think people realize who I am,” grunts T.I. sharply. “I don’t think y’all really know who I am. I don’t think y’all remember what I’ve done bro. I don’t think y’all know. Just cause I don’t jump up, step up on tables, kick over tables, and demand you to pay attention to me, that don’t mean… Listen, man. You ‘gon have to put mine up there. When you talk about careers, and legacies, and accomplishments, you gotta put me up there… You gotta go talk to Jay-Zs, you gotta go talk to Kanyes. You gotta go talk to Lil Waynes.”

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