swae lee cap backwards

Swae Lee reunites with Nicki Minaj for a brand new song titled Cap Backwards, prior to their ‘Chun Swae‘ collaboration off Nicki Minajs priviously released album ‘Queen’.

Cap Backwards appeared online some few days back through unknown sources only for it to disappear as fast as it came, well today Nicki and Swae have decided to gift us with the Jaegen produced song, just in time for 2020.

Swae Lee was scheduled to deliver his sophomore solo album back in September but the album is yet to hit streaming platforms, maybe it will, come 2020.

“Ayo, I been bad, Affleck / When I’m on the track, it get abstract / Got you bitches looking like a flash back / When I bust shots, duck, thots, that’s that (quack, quack) / Itty bitty bitty back, hit the act, hit the act / If he play the cards right, pity pack, kitty cat / If he ain’t about the bag, G-E-T rid of that / Why your new bitches wanna be your ex? Riddle me that, uh / It’s Chun Li and Swae Lee for the win-win / Tell that girl this the queen she offendin’ / Pretty soon them knees gon’ be bendin’ / Got a pendant, sweet little indent.” Nicki Minaj raps on the third verse of the sure banger.

Listen to Cap Backwards below and let us know what comes to mind by leaving a comment below.