Gayle King and Snoop Dogg

The former U.S. National Security Adviser for Barack Obama—Susan Rice has called out rapper Snoop Dogg for Gayle King comment, after Snoop recently made it clear that he is not rocking with Gayle King for a Kobe question she asked Lisa Leslie during an interview.

“This is despicable. Gayle King is one of the most principled, fair and tough journalists alive. Snoop, back the **** off. You come for @GayleKing, you come against an army. You will lose, and it won’t be pretty,” Rice wrote on Twitter Friday night, as pointed out by XXL.

Rice is referring to a video posted by Yashar Ali where you can see Snoop Dogg verbally attacking Gayle King by calling her a “funky dog head b***h for questioning Kobe Bryant’s rape allegations.