Ty Dolla Sign Death Ego Kanye West

Ty Dolla Sign has returned with a new song titled ‘Ego Death’ which he has been teasing for some time now on his social media accounts. The new song features Kanye West, Skrillex & FKA twigs and is available for streaming below via Spotify music and YouTube below.

Ty has clearly come a long way since his Beach House 3 studio album released back in October, 2017. ‘Ego Death’ was first premiered back in 2019 when it was played during a Coachella party. The song also leaked back in March but quickly disappeared after some hours.

Ty also spoke about working with Kanye West and how the song came about.

“Basically, I was at a party, and I don’t remember. I heard some girls saying something about some guy, like, “Oh, that’s the death of his ego.” I remembered that when I got to the house. I’m like, “Wow, that’s hard.” It’s like I had the song Ego Death, and then I made the beat. Then I was watching Instagram, and there was some video of Ye walking through Chicago. Then he was like, “Hold up. There’s a train going by.” I thought that was so hard, just seeing him just walking through Chicago by himself. So I sampled that part, and then I went out to Chicago to work on Yandhi with him,” Ty told Zane Lowe about working on the song with Kanye.

“Then I played him the record, and he went crazy. Everybody in the room ran out, like, “Oh, shit.” So he came back. He grabbed the little performance mic, and he started beatboxing and just freestyling and shit. We recorded all that, kept all that. Then I ended up going to London. I linked up with Twigs. She laid her part, went crazy, and then I came back to LA and I hooked up with Sonny. He added his magic, and now we have the song. So it was definitely a process.”

“I was just trying to achieve greatness, bro. Every time me and Ye get together, I feel like we just make something great. So I was just trying to do my part. Yeah. Well, he’s a very unpredictable person. I feel like I am as well, and somehow it just works every time. Every time we get together, it just works. So it’s a blessing, man. Shout-out to my bro.”

Listen to ‘Ego Death’ Ft. Kanye West, Skrillex & FKA twigs below.