Toni Braxton Missy Elliott Do It remix

Toni Braxton released he latest single titled ‘Do It’ a few months ago prior to her 2018 studio album Sex & Cigarettes. Today she links up with Missy Elliott for a legendary remix of the hit song.

The song which is produced by Antonio Dixon is available for streaming on all major streaming platforms, you can check it out below on Apple Music or TIDAL.

“Toni’s team reached out to my manager and asked if I could produce a remix for her next single. They said, ‘Hey if Missy wants to rap on it we would love that too.’ So they sent me the record and my boy Hannon and I, sped the track up to a mid-tempo and re-arranged the music. To be honest, I was scared to send it because anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a huge fan of Toni Braxton! I’ve worked with so many legends. I’ve even worked with Tamar. But I had never worked directly with Toni before. So I thought, what if she hears it and says ‘oh HELL NAH Missy done messed my record up.’ But thank God when she heard it, she loved it and hear we are! Now I can say I finally worked with the living legend—Ms. Toni Braxton.” Missy said about the song.

Listen below.