Kanye West Jesus is Born

After months of waiting, Kanye West finally delivered his first gospel album “Jesus Is King” October 25, 2019, who would had guessed that his next album was just around the corner.

Kanye on Christmas eve verified that he will be dropping an album with his Sunday service choir on Christmas day which is today December 25, 2019. Unlike ‘Jesus Is King’ album which arrived after several release dates and push backs, Kanye has delivered his newest album “Jesus Is Born” right on time to heighten the Christmas Spirit.

The album features material from mostly Kanye’s Sunday Service Choir whose leader is Jason White. In fact, we don’t hear Ye’s voice on it at all.

Kanye also held his first opera Nebuchadnezzar in November. His second opera Mary premiered the following month.

Listen to Jesus is Born below via Apple music or Deezer here and let us know what comes to mind by leaving a comment below.