Iggy Azalea Just wanna

Iggy Azalea is back with new music ‘Just Wanna‘, in anticipation of her forthcoming album titled In My Defense which is scheduled to drop July 19, 2019.

Earlier these week she shared an impressive artwork for the project as well as the release date. As of today June 28, the album is now available for pre-order, the rapper drops ‘Just Wanna’ to set things in motion and give fans a little taste of what is to come on the forthcoming album.

“They call me big Iggy, And I’m a bit freaky, If he eat it, then he love it, this a big reason, I’m tryna take a, ride, I’m on the d**k speedin’, Can you come and lay some pipe ’cause my sh*t leakin’?

“I’m tryna bust it open, I ain’t strip teasin’, If we f**k, we stuck together like pits breading, When I put it on his face, I think he quit breathin’”, she raps about sex and an undying desire for it throughout the record.

Prior to these release, she had earlier delivered ‘Started’ which you can listen to here.

Listen to ‘Just Wanna’ below and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below and you can also pre-order her forthcoming album Here.

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