Ella Mai Not Another Love Song
Ella Mai

Ella Mai has been off the grid for some time now but at last, she returns with a brand new single titled ‘Not Another Love Song’ which see’s her deliver those perfect harmonies over a smooth beat supplied by Boi-1da, Jahaan Sweet & The Rascals.

Ella’s self titled debut project was released in 2018, she has been quiet over the corona period, hopefully her new song indicates a new project on the way although no formal announcement have been made.

“I’m finna takе my time, my mind, my rules / This ain’t no crime / Makin’ lovе to you, though you ain’t say this but I had a hard time waitin’ for you, boy (Oh, oh, oh) / Like ooh boy, you boy / Got me where you want, just gotta say and it’s on / It’s like ooh boy, do you know you got me like where do you go and.” She sings on the second verse.

Listen below.