Earthgang Mirrorland

Earthgang Are All About Colors Mirrorland album.

EarthGang proves that delay is not denial as the finally come through with their latest album “Mirrorland” after the project faced a lot of push backs due to the release of Revenge Of The Dreamers 3, up to the point that their frustration about the wait towards a label, Dreamville or Interscope could not be hidden, on social media.

While speaking with Pitchfork on the album, here is what they had to say – “We thought about how, if we’re going to make a project sonically to rival The Wiz, we got to create another world for people to imagine and go to, You know when Dorothy got swept away and she met the Munchkins? That was such a beautiful thing. You could see Quincy Jones on the piano, just playing away. That’s what ‘La La Challenge’ is about. Right now, that’s the intro to the whole record. It’s really colorful. It’s really dangerous. It’s really trippy. It’s literally Freaknik Atlanta in the summertime—folks riding around in cars with big rims with paint on their faces.”

The project features T-Pain, Kehlani, Young Thug, Arin Ray and Malik. Listen to it below on your favorite streaming platform below and let us know what you think via comment.

1. Lala Challenge — prod. by Lido & Olu
2. Up — prod. by Edscluive & Voumusic
3. Top Down — prod. by Childish Major
4. Bank — prod. by Big Korey & Ant Chamberlain
5. Proud of You ft. Young Thug — prod. by Olu
6. This Side — prod. by Natra Average & Olu
7. Swivel — prod. by Bink
8. Avenue — prod. by DJ Dahi
9. Tequila ft. T-Pain — prod. by Elite
10. Blue Moon — prod. by Scum
11. Trippin ft. Kehlani — prod. by Groove & Christo & Olu
12. Stuck ft. Arin Ray — prod. by Elite
13. Fields ft. Malik — prod. by Rahki Beats
14. Wings — prod. by DK The Punisher & Andre