Action Bronson & The Alchemist Lamb Over Rice

Action Bronson & The Alchemist link up for a brand new EP titled – Lamb Over Rice, a 7-track project, their second collaborative work since their 2012’s mixtape Rare Chandeliers.

Lamb Over Rice will change your life, Action Bronson said in a tweet before now, hyping the project on social media repeatedly.

“You’ll be amazed, like the first time you seen snow/Down in Georgia on the Peach Grove” in “DMTri” or “I don’t give a fuck I’m just a grown ass kid/Eyes wide shut I control that whip” on “Descendant Of The Stars.” Kicks off the first song on the EP ‘Dmitri’, a slow ballad of strings and wind instruments, abruptly switched up by soulful arrangements of synths and organs as muffled drums and a driving bassline set the rhythms.

Listen to Lamb Over Rice below on your favorite streaming platform and let us know what comes to mind via comment below.

Lamb Over Rice Track List

1. Dmitri

2. Sven

3. Tear Away Shorts

4. Accoutrements

5. Descendant of the Stars

6. Just the Way It Is

7. Arnold & Danny