50 Cent, NLE Choppa Rileyy Lanez Part Of The Game

50 Cent has been incognito when it comes to music, focusing all his energy on movies and production. Today he returns with a new song titled ‘Part Of The Game’ featuring NLE Choppa and Rileyy Lanez.

News about the collaboration first reached us when NLE Choppa teased it on social media by sharing a snippet which got fans talking also left a lot of fans surprise about the collab with 50. The full song has been posted by 50 Cent on Instagram.

Quotable lyrics:

Make money, make-make, make money / When shit hit the fan, we’ll take money, South side / Be with the best of ’em, gun shot at the rest of ’em (Yeah) / Checks, I’m collectin’ ’em, check, boy, I’m finessin’ em (Haha, oh, oh) / Bag Supreme, when you fuck around, put a big bag on your head / ‘Fore the weather break your bag / Let’s get to it, they don’t do it like we do it (Nah).

Listen to the Keni Burke’s’s 1982 sampled track below.