Spirits Having Fun Entropy Transfer Partners

Their new album “Two” arrives on September 3.

Spirits Having Fun have released a new song ‘Entropy Transfer Partners’ ahead of the release of their new album ‘Two’ which will be arriving on streaming platforms on September 3.

The song follows their previously released track ‘Hold The Phone’, speaking on the new song, the band’s guitarist/vocalist Andrew Clinkman said.

“I wrote the lyrics for “Entropy Transfer Partners” in fall 2019, and at that time wanted to express an overwhelming frustration that I felt and shared with many people in my life around the precarity of carving out a life, paying rent and engaging with the infinite hellscape of our healthcare system to stay alive. I also wanted to envision a world where we can find our collective power and fight back to win a less cruel future. I didn’t know a pandemic would worsen all of these conditions many times over, but I still believe the way forward is solidarity. We won’t work to create the shit you monetize, to run our lives!.”

Two Album Tracklist:

1. Silhouette
2. Hold The Phone
3. The Leaf Is A Chorus
4. Broken Cloud
5. See A Sky
6. Entropy Transfer Partners
7. My Favorite Song
8. My Machine
9. Picture Of A Person
10. Am There
11. A Long Walk In A Sunflower’s Shade
12. The Sweet Oak