snoop dogg 6ix9ine

Ever since the 6ix9ine case began and word of him snitching against the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods got out, Snoop Dogg has used every opportunity to show his disapproval of the act and has even expressed his opinion on 6ix9ine gaining freedom anytime soon as he puts it “Let that [rat] rot,” when word got out that 6ix9ine had hired Alex Spiro, a high profile defense attorney who also represents rapper Jay – Z and 21 Savage with hopes of an early release date.

In a recent interview, Tuesday (Oct. 8) on Sirius XM’s Howard Stern Show alongside actor Seth Rogen, Snoop again took shots at 6ix9ine when his name came up during there conversation.

“You know the rules and regulations to this shit! Snitches get stitches! You know that shit,” Snoop said to Stern with a laugh. “I’ve heard of people telling on each other, ratting on the organization…but he ratted on other organizations on top of his organization. His friends, his people that…I mean, he just went berserk. That muthafucka sang like Aretha Franklin.”

He continued by questioning 6ix9ine’s motives for snitching in the first place. “When did that become the get out of jail pass?” Snoop asked. “Because my thing is, if me and Seth go commit a crime right now and if me or him decide to tell on each other, that means one of us gets out or do we both go to jail? Because I watch The First 48, which is one of my favorite shows, and normally when a muthafucka is associated with the crime, his ass is being charged with the crime just by association!”

Rogen chimed in with an additional question. “I don’t get how you have witness protection when you literally have a tattoo of Jigsaw on your face,” he jokingly questioned.