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Snoop Dogg Shares New Song ‘I Wanna Go Outside’: Watch

Snoop Dogg I Wanna Go Outside New Song

Snoop Dogg has released a new song titled ‘I Wanna Go Outside,’ these comes as major cities around the world are currently under lock down due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.


Snoop who has been working on his new album for some time now, while the outbreak of covid-19 may have delayed his plans to release new music, he decides to share these new track about wanting to go outside. The song is produced by longtime collaborator Soopafly.

“Yes and we’re back here at the jack-off hour // 187.4 on your FM dial, I am Willie Dynamite and we’ll get ready for another quarantine kick-off hour // We got the D-O-double-G here, yeah that’s right, we got Soop Dogg in the house (Ha-ha) // Speakin’ of house, streetlights on, nigga get yo’ ass in, and stay there // I wanna go outside, but I’m stuck in the house (In the house) // I wanna take a ride, but I’m sittin’ right on the couch (Woah-woah).” Snoop Dogg and Willie Dynamite start up the song.

He continues on the first verse, “I got the rhythm it takes to dance through what we have to live through (They say don’t go outside, it ain’t safe to play, baby) // I’m in my house just chillin’ // It’s my chance to dance my way // I don’t want constriction.”

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“I wanna go outside” comes with a music video, Watch below.



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