Snoh Aalegra Situationship

When it comes to good music Snoh Aalegra can be regarded as one of the greats, her passion and dedication can be felt on every song from a mile away. Although we have being blessed with a lot of quality music in the last few months, “Situationship” definitely stands out.

The Swedish singer is getting ready to deliver her sophomore effort. A 13-track project which is set to arrive August 16 featuring Marcus James and many others.

“I knew my calling at a very young age. I would say I was nine years old when I made my first attempt to write a song. It didn’t make any sense grammatically since English is my third language, and I wasn’t too good at it as a nine-year-old. But the passion was always there from the start,” Aalegra recently told Greatest, opening up about her origins as an artist and devout fan of music. “I have an otherworldly love for music, something I have a hard time describing with words. It’s a strong feeling.”

Listen to Situationship below and let us know what comes to mind by leaving a comment below.