Sleepy Hallow Still Sleep? album new songs

Sleepy Hallow has been calculatively making all the right moves over the last couple of months to help blast him into the spotlight. He is now ready to present to the world what he has been cooking for the past months starting with his debut album.

The Winner’s Circle member has announced that his debut album ‘Still Sleep?’ will be arriving on streaming platforms on June 2, which is just a few days from today, so get ready.

To give fans a little taste of what to expect, the New York rapper has shared two new tracks titled ‘Chicken’ and ‘Mi No,’ listen to both tracks below. The album will include previously released tracks “2 Sauce” and “2055,” which gave listeners a taste of what’s to come from the Great John-produced album. Although 2021 has been pretty quiet for the Brooklyn native, fans are anxiously waiting to hear what Sleepy Hallow has been working on after having a breakout in 2020.

Sleepy Hallow looks to showcase his rapping style and flexibility on both tracks, he raps about flossing on his haters and targeting his pops on ‘Mi No Sabe’ while completely chose violence on ‘Chicken’. Check out the video above.

‘Still Sleep?’ Tracklist:

01. Basketball Dreams (Intro)
02. 2 Sauce
03. 4or Daze
04. 2055
05. Make You
06. Equal
07. Scrub
08. Sleepy Freestyle
09. Chicken
10. Mi No Sabe
11. 1999
12. Murder She Wrote (Outro)
13. Low Key (Bonus)
14. Tip Toe (Bonus) [ft. Sheff G]