Shamba No She Didn't
Shamba Shares No She Didn’t

Shamba Continues To Win On New Track

Shamba is clearly not showing any intentions of slowing down anytime soon, she returns today with a brand new tune, titled “No She Didn’t” and its worth your time.

Ever since she stepped into our lives and started making waves with her melodious “Mystery Man” single, she has continued to grow immensely, putting in the required work that is sure to turn her into the superstar she deserves to be.

The new song an assertive anthem that celebrates the New Jersey-bred, Atlanta-based songstress as she runs through a list of affirmations crafted to celebrate her own growth while providing a soundtrack with which listeners can identify.

It is also the first track off her “The Saga” series which is scheduled to run throughout the summer, that is you should all buckle up and relax she has more fire coming your way.

“I’m always chasing a check, Never be worried bout you, it’s a bet, Trust when i shoot that it’s nothing but net, Why settle for you when i can get that, I post a pic and i look like a snack, I’m jill up the hill i never need jack,Flights to the north and i ain’t have to pack, And i still might hit you when i get back, I’m in the coupe ride with no roof”, she sings on the bossy new track.

Listen Below: Via Soundcloud