Chris Brown New Tattoo

It seems Christ Brown is not done with adding more ink to his body as the multi-talented singer and songwriter has shared a new image of his new head tattoo.

The image which is located at the back of his head is a drawing of a barking Doberman baring his teeth with a bulging eye.

The tat is done by tattoo artist GANGA who is also responsible for Jordan tattoo. It is inspired by the logo for Tuff Crowd, an L.A.-based streetwear brand.

In other related news, the singer recently revealed the title of his forthcoming 10th studio album to be ‘BREEZY.’ It is yet unknown when the project will be arriving but all indications point to be before 2020 runs out.

His last project ‘Indigo‘ reached the number one spot on the billboard top 200 chart, if you haven’t heard it, you can do so here.